The Oxford Energy Seminar is a fully residential, educational conference for government officials, industrialists, managers and other professionals involved in either public or corporate decision-making in the field of energy.

About the Seminar

The seminar has been held annually, in September, since 1979. It is now widely recognised as an important international forum on energy. The Director of the Seminar is Mr Nader Sultan, the Dean of the Seminar is Professor David Gillespie and the Assistant Director is Dr Bassam Fattouh.

The 41st seminar took place in September 2019.

Key Objectives

Within the framework of its joint sponsorship by St Catherine’s College, OPEC and OAPEC, the Oxford Energy Seminar will seek a balance among its speakers and participants between nationals of petroleum exporting and importing countries, in order to cover various interests in the field of energy.

To enhance the professional qualifications of participants through an intensive exposure to the latest developments in thinking and knowledge on problems of energy.

To improve the understanding of forces shaping the future environment in which both investment and policy decisions relating to energy will be made.

To provide a privileged opportunity for close contacts and a fruitful dialogue between participants from petroleum exporting and petroleum importing countries.

Comments from past Participants

Kind words and Testimonials from past attendees to our annual seminars.

........this was one of the best seminars I have ever been on (and I have done several at places like Stanford, Harvard, MIT etc.). When I first saw that you wanted to pull me out of the office for 8 business days, I was sceptical (being a classic workaholic I never leave the office that long). But once on the course, I found that I was very engaged and interested throughout the entire session and I learned a lot.
I just wanted to round off my own Oxford Energy Seminar experience by thanking all of you for what I found to be the most international and academically interesting two weeks for at least a decade. However, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend so much time with 60 people from 28 (I guess) nationalities was in itself something that I really value. I think I learned something valuable as a citizen of a dynamic and diverse world.
I find myself talking with friends, family and co-workers about our experience at Oxford and I’m amazed at how much I learned from the lectures and the participants in the conference. I am honored to count all of you as my friends; I feel much more connected to what is happening all over the world since our time together.