The seminar has been held annually, in September, since 1979. It is now widely recognised as an important international forum on energy.

The Director of the Seminar is Mr Nader Sultan, the Assistant Director of the Seminar is Dr Bassam Fattouh and the Dean is Prof. David Gillespie.

The objectives of the Oxford Energy Seminar are:

  • To enhance the professional qualifications of participants through an intensive exposure to the latest developments in thinking and knowledge on problems of energy.
  • To improve the understanding of forces shaping the future environment in which both investment and policy decisions relating to energy will be made.
  • To provide a privileged opportunity for close contacts and a fruitful dialogue between participants from petroleum exporting and petroleum importing countries.

The most original feature of the Oxford Energy Seminar is that it seeks a balance in the composition of the panel of speakers between nationals of petroleum exporting and importing countries, in order to cover various interests in the field of energy.

The international panel of speakers and discussants will include, in balanced proportions, public figures and expert authorities from:

  • OPEC and OAPEC member countries and other oil-exporting countries;
  • the USA, Western Europe and Japan;
  • developing countries;
  • the academic world, leading consultancies and international organizations.

The Director, assisted by the Assistant Director, will provide the necessary continuity by stimulating debate and discussion at the lectures.

Participants are expected to have a good background knowledge and professional experience in the field of energy, to hold responsible posts and to enjoy excellent career prospects leading to top positions in their institutions. In the interest of fruitful exchange and in-depth study, the number of participants is always limited to fifty-five.