A.  Introduction

  • The World Economy
  • Global Energy in Perspective

B. The Economic and Political Context

  • Themes in Middle East Politics
  • Arab Producing Countries
  • Iran
  • Latin America
  • Africa
  • Importance of Energy for Developing Countries

C. Industry and Markets

  • Oil Upstream: The Role of Technology
  • Oil Supply: Challenges in context of lower oil prices
  • Global Challenges of the Super Majors
  • US Refining Industry – Crude Dynamics
  • Dynamics of Global Chemical Industry
  • The role of EPC Players in the Value Chain

D. National Oil Companies Challenges

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait

E. Gas

  • Global LNG – New Supply and Pricing Models
  • Gas in Europe: Challenges from Globalizing Markets
  • Gas Monetization – Qatar, Russia, Iran
  • Shale gas – Global potential?

F. Energy Supplies

  • OPEC Oil Supplies – Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Kuwait
  • Non-OPEC Oil Supplies: US, Africa, Latin America, Mexico

G. Oil Price Volatility and Speculation

  • Drivers of Oil Price
  • Structural and/or Cyclical Price Impact?

H. Policies

  • Review of Consumers’ Energy Policies:
    • USA
    • IEA
    • China
    • India
  • Climate Change and Environment
    • Role of Renewables
    • Future Energy Mix – Nuclear
    • Shareholder Activism and Threat of Stranded Assets